Marinus Swanepoel

About Me

I am a front end (JavaScript/React) dev that has fallen in love with the backend through Ruby on Rails. Now I am looking for a work opportunity that touches both the front and back end. Though I have been enjoying Rails I am happy to work with other backend stacks. I've dabbled in some Elixir, Python and Node.js. I would like to gain more experience with functional design patterns.
Through my collaboration with both small and large teams I am familiar with scrum and agile Kanban workflows. I have experience managing and assigning work to remote workers and being a remote worker myself.

On Github I am @noweverywhere

Technical Experience

  • Developed applications using Ruby on Rails
  • Wrote comprehensive application tests in Test Driven Development (TDD)
  • Used React.js, Redux and related tooling to create graphical user interfaces
  • Wrote feature tests for single page applications using Cucumber, Selenium and RSpec
  • Configured development environment in Docker
  • Contributed to Elixir system that generates reports on customer data
  • Implemented localization and theming on a white-labeled C#.Net web-application
  • Programmatically generated and modified stylesheets using Compass, SASS and Python
  • Managed workflow, prioritized issues and worked with team in continuous collaboration using ticketing systems such as JIRA and agile development processes
  • Built a web app using Backbone.js to promote and demonstrate desktop application functionality

Employment & Education

  • Software Engineer at everydayhero
    September 2014 to November 2017
    Duties: Building single page applications used by charity administrators to manage their campaigns. The front ends were built with React.js, and the backends were usually a Ruby on Rails app with a JSON API. Within my team we often avoided putting business logic in the controller methods, but instead encapsulated the business logic in commands that was easy to reason about and could easily be invoked from the command line.
    We emphasised comprehensive testing and test driven development using unit tests and end-to-end feature tests using Cucumber and Selenium web-driver as part of our continuous integration (CI) workflow.
    I also made contributions to the reporting application built with Elixir to deliver reports to charities about their donations.

    Technologies used in this role:

    • React, Redux, Webpack, Jest, Mocha
    • Ruby on Rails
    • Rspec, Cucumber
    • Docker
    • Elixir, Phoenix
  • HTML5 Developer at Lixar I.T.
    September 2012 to September 2014
    Duties: Developing and styling applications for embedded and mobile platforms using HTML5 and CSS3. Developing new features and providing support for legacy web-applications on a C#.Net platform. Working on small and large teams in close communication with project managers and team members.

    Technologies used in this role:

    • JavaScript, jQuery
    • C#.Net
    • SASS
  • Freelance web development
    August 2013 to October 2013
    Projects: Created Flash ad banners. Created small CMS for in store display with PHP and MySQL

    Technologies used in this role:

    • PHP, CodeIgniter
    • jQuery
  • Web Developer at Victory Arts
    March 2011 to August 2012
    Duties: Developed websites and web applications in close communication with clients using HTML5, JavaScript (including a large project using backbone.js), PHP, WordPress, and LAMP stack. Worked independently and in collaboration with a team to meet project objectives.

    Technologies used in this role:

    • Backbone.js
    • Wordpress
  • Interactive Multimedia Developer Diploma at Algonquin College
    September 2009 - May 2011
  • Web Developer at Canadian Forest Tree Essences
    June 2010 - September 2010
    Duties: Set up an e-commerce site and developed theme and a workflow for uploading stock photography.
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts at University of Lethbridge
    September 2004 - May 2008
    Graduated with distinction